Posts made in March, 2016

Must try harder: why my school reports count in my AS diagnosis


I am currently in limbo. Yes, I’m still (still!) waiting to be told whether or not the medical establishment, as personified by my local mental health team, recognises that I have Asperger’s.  I’m in what I’m choosing to call ‘Stage Four’ (Stage 1: getting past the GP; Stage 2: initial psych assessment; Stage 3: facepalm-inducing interview).  Stage 4 involves waiting, then waiting some more, for the psychologist to phone your parents. Oh, and I had to bring in my school reports. Yes, you read that right: to be assessed for Asperger’s as a 37-year-old woman, you have to give them your school reports from age 3 to 17, and then they call your mother.

I’m being facetious here, obviously (of course I understand why they want to know about my childhood), but it does feel slightly ridiculous.  Though I did enjoy the moment when I told my wife about the school reports and she said, hilariously, “Was the fact that you still have all your school reports, and know where they are, part of the assessment?”  (she may be on to something there). 

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